Comparison Between Golf GPS And Golf Rangefinder Devices

As a golfer, you know that besides clubs and ball, there are many pieces of equipment that could help you to have better and easier experience when you play golf, for example golf laser rangefinder and golf GPS.

Golf laser ranger finder and golf GPS are both golf course navigation device. In order to help you identify the distances and hazards such as trees and blind spots on the course field, you may want to find the best golf rangefinder or GPS devices on the market. Although they both serve the same purpose, they use very different technique. This article will help you find more about the different between them.

In general, both golf rangefinder and golf GPS will help you know the approximate size of a yard and the distance from the ball to the targets, to the hole for example. However, they use different technologies and direction of use. They also vary in cost and are suitable for different levels of golfers.

Here Are Some Differences Between Golf GPS And Rangefinder Devices:

  1. Different Technologies:

Golf GPS devices are evolved from cart-based units to handheld units. Recently, Golf GPS devices are developed into apps on smartphone, most of which can be purchased for free on the Internet. GPS is abbreviated for Global Positioning System and it navigates your position on the earth with help of orbiting satellites.

Golf rangefinder devices use laser technology which could give you more precision because it is more realistic and do not depend on the precision of satellites.

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  1. Cost

Golfers can find in the market that both golf rangefinder and golf GPS devices normally cost around the same amount. When buying golf GPS devices, golfers could also have connection to an app on his smartphone. Most of the apps are free. However, you may purchase some additional features on the apps such as features about trees and layup distance.

Golf rangefinder devices cost only upfront, you do not have to pay for any additional smartphones’ apps as well as subscription cost. Buying golf rangefinders could help you control your budget better.

  1. Ease of Use

Golf GPS devices are easier to use, especially for beginners. If you want to know about the distances among holes, all you have to go is go to the settings and find the course you are playing. They are also very helpful with measurement to hazards and diagrams of the holes as well as aiding you to find the center of the greens. These devices help you gain a board picture of the playing fields and encourage you to create an effective strategy for your games.

Another use of golf GPS devices that gives them some comparative advantage is the ability to count distance that golfers have traveled as well as calories burned.

However, you need to charge some golf GPS device, time to charge is varied according to manufacturers.

Golf rangefinder devices are less easy to use than golf GPS devices in term of calculating distances and capturing targets. Some golf rangefinder offer a first-target priority mode helping you to identify the shortest target on the course.

However, for skilled golf players, a rangefinder is easy as you do not have to download a map beforehand. All it requires is pointing at the target.

  1. Accuracy

With a golf rangefinder device, as long as you could capture the precise target, the mistake is down to the very minimum, which is a feature that suite serious players. A golf GPS device, in another hand, is less precise. Golfers using GPS devices depend on pre downloaded maps, and if there are problems with them, it means less accurate distances and such…

In general, a golf GPS device is easier to use, which is more suitable for amateur player. It not only provide yardage but also support blind spots and calculate middle greens. However, a golf rangefinder provides more accuracy, which a professional golfer may look for. Which do you prefer? A golf GPS or golf rangefinder? It is up to your preference as well as you golf playing ability.

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