Historical Participation of Taiwan in Olympics Since 1960 to 2012

The Introduction of Taiwan through Chi Cheng

Taiwan was the newborn child in the year 1968. The winning mission started after winning bronze in the hurdles. The most amazing part of the story is that Taiwan won the medallion from Chi Cheng, a dominating participant in the hurdles. She stunned the metropolis of Mexico with her track and field appearance in the 80-meter race for woman category. Also, Asian woman debuted in the Olympics with the name of Chi Cheng.

This rising star became the owner of six world records afterward. Unfortunately, she could not attend the next Olympics held in the West Germany in 1972. She retired from the game. Still, her name is remembered with great respect in this Asian Island. Her Olympics appearance has made her immortal at the heart of Asian Woman Athletes.

Taiwan: More than a Nation

  • Taiwan is basically an island situated in the seas of Eastern South China. Taipei, the capital, is known as one of the most advanced cities in Asia. The population of Taiwan is not more than 25 million. Taiwan earned international memberships through critical diplomatic fights. There is still a clash with China. But, the country is really successful in acquiring the educational milestones very quickly.
  • In this century, Taiwan has become one of the most important parts in the world economical communities. Developing and underdeveloped countries are now following their educational improvement structure for achieving such success.

Taiwan: Controversial Appearances!

  • The nation had to suffer a lot while participating under their own banner. They chose to participate in 1960’s Olympics with the flag of “Republic of China”. But, they were forced to use “Formosa” instead of the ROC.
  • At the next Olympics (Japan) in 1964, Taiwan (formerly Formosa) failed to win any prize. The name was changed again in 1984. It was named “Chinese Taipei”. Finally, the nation could appear in the Universal arena of sports after an agreement with Beijing and IOC.

The Champion of Taiwanese Sports: Yang Chuan-Kwang

60’s was not going well for Taiwanese people. They needed something inspirational in that circumstance. Yang Chuan Kwang introduced himself with his winning attitude. He was a decathlete. Becoming a tribe, he overcame every obstacle in winning the respect in the decathlon. Yang Chuan Kwang had both national and international records. In 1960’s Olympics, he acquired the silver medal.

The sports historians considered Yang Chuan-Kwang as one of the greatest athletes of Taiwan.

Montreal Incident: Game-Changing Events by Taiwan

Due to some internal diplomatic problems, a Taiwanese team could not get a chance to participate in Montreal Games in 1975. Many of the regional champion athletes could not get a chance to take part in that game. This decade became the milestone for the nation. Tai Shih-Jan, Lee Chiu-Hsia were some of the legendary names in the track and field competition during 1970-1978.

The Controversial Taiwanese Boycott

The historical administration movement of Taiwan started in 1949. The idea was originated from Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek’s mind. Asian Games was not allowed for the squads of Taiwan. Taipei was way out of getting back into the sports after being excluded from OCA. The recovery period was not long enough. In Buenos Aires, the squad won 9 medals. They acquired the third position in that Meet.

Return to the Sports

Taiwan team reentered in the Olympics after a 12-year pause in the year 1984. They need not to use any other banner for participating. The anthem was heard in the Parade of the Nations. This historical return was remembered with a name of Tsai Wen-yee. He was a weightlifter and won the first medal in the Olympics Games. The basketball team won another prize in Californian event.

Mission South Korea: The Summer Olympics

The Seoul Olympic was a pure disappointment for Taiwan. No prominent athlete could win a medal. The system of their athletic nurturing was questioned. A demonstration sport like Taekwondo saved Taiwan from getting back in the country barehanded. Chen Jiun-feng and Chin Yu-fang got the first and third position.

Olympic Games in Barcelona

The new baseball event was added to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Taiwan acquired the honor of the representative of the Asian continent. The baseball team continued their winning journey throughout the Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament. They won silver and was considered as one of the most gifted baseball teams in the history. Liao Ming-hsiung was the star player of the squad. Many of the players appeared in the top clubs of the United States Baseball tournament.

2012 Olympics: The London Games


Beijing Olympic in 2008 made the way to London easy for the Taiwanese delegates. They participated in multiple events of the games. The London Olympics in 2012 was remarkably the greatest achievement for Taiwan. The winning squad entered and tried with the last part of their soul to earn medals.

Every Taiwanese player was born in the nation. They need not to borrow talents from the others. This is why, Taiwan is now a rising star in the sky of Global Sports.

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