How To Identify The Mistake In Swimming

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A triathlon is a sporting event in which people will compete against one another in 3 different courses: swimming, running and biking.

Swimming is usually the first sport to be taken place, following by running and then biking. In order to complete these 3 very different sports, one athlete needs to train daily as well as increasing his strength and endurance. However, no matter how much he exercises every day and how strong he is, he may not win the competition. There are several techniques and tips that one athlete needs to master in order to complete 3 courses in a less amount of time.

Let’s find out what we can do to identify the mistake made in swimming to prevent them and maximize the effectiveness and increase our chance of winning.

  1. Mistakes Made In Swimming

As mentioned above, swimming is the first activity that an athlete needs to complete. This is when the people often make mistake.

  • An athlete when starts the triathlon seems to be very confident and wants to try his best to win. Therefore, he will put a great amount of effort into swimming. At the same time, there are also many incorrect postures that could lead to the ineffectiveness. These incorrect postures include tightening muscle through the laps, flailing arms around in the head and uncontrollably kicking. Also swimming the arms too far can also worsen the problem.
  • Another mistake made by many of the swimmers is that they swim a lot in the first triathlon. Some people go as far as swimming for 400 yards for the first triathlon and swimming for the half ironman distance of 1.2 miles
  • All of these activities will make the swimmer get exhausted very quickly. Not to mention the time for a swimmer to finish his lap swimming like this is pretty long and inefficient.
  • Furthermore, the coach of this athlete has no specific plan for this swimming routine. There is no specific amount of yards he needs to swim, no specific skills he needs to apply.
  • Also some people often neglect to wear the proper swimming suit and other personal protective gear such as goggles and swim cap.
  1. How To Fix The Problem?

In general, swimming in triathlon is not about how great you can splash into the water and how strong your movements are. You have to learn how to swim with correct posture and correct techniques. That will help you swim quicker with less energy and will also help you to prevent future injuries.

In order to run and bike quicker, you need to have a lot of energy. Therefore, in swimming, you need to learn how to swim in a relaxed way and can conserve energy for the next rounds.

If you put a lot of efforts into swimming, you can win this round. However, that is not enough to win the whole competition. If you can conserve energy, after doing the swimming round, you can bike and run better, hence having a chance of winning this competition.

How to conserve energy when you swim?

Your coach could be able to give you some advice on how to conserve energy when you swim. He can also comment on your swimming techniques for less effort but still effective result.

  • First, you need to slow down and swim at a steady speed. Do research on your own about how to swim.
  • Secondly, you should pay attention to your arm’s movements. Try not to kick your arm so much. Also do not swing your arms too far. Although these may seem pretty hard at first and you will see that swimming with less kicking seems to be slower than what you normally do. However, pretty soon, your body will be used to swimming like this and your speed will be improved.
  • Ask your coach for any advice and prepare for you a personal development plan. Come up with a schedule of what drills and styles you need to practice. Never come to a pool and swim only again.

Here are all the valuable information and details I think you should know if you want to win a triathlon competition. Swimming can be the most important part of a triathlon as it is the starting course. Doing it well can decide the result of the competition. However, you should remember that swimming well does not mean swimming fast. You need to swim effortlessly with efficient time and correct postures. Do not put all your energy into swimming.

In order to swim correctly and effortlessly, you need to have a proper training plan so that you can follow and track your progress. Always remember to correct your postures and techniques. And pretty soon you will see yourself swimming the way you always want it to be.

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