It’s the windup, and the pitch….

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Wait a minute! Aren’t we playing golf? What’s that about a pitch? I

Hey, golfers pitch, too, but it’s it’s different than in baseball.

Just ask Divot the Clown. Last year, Divot showed us how to hit a tee shot. Now he’s back to teach us the pitch, a medium-range golf shot.

Getting Our Bearings

Our first shot on a golf course comes from the tee to the fairway. A pitch is hit from the fain fairway toward the green which is where the hole

Making Your Pitch

  • Take a balanced stance, feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent and flexible.
  • Rest the head of your club on the ground just behind the ball.
  • An imaginary line through your shoulders should point in the direction you want the ball-to go.

Get In the Swing!

You don’t have to swing your club back too far. Remember to swing the club back the same distance as you swing it forward after hitting the ball. If You imagine swinging back to about ten o’clock on a clock face and forward too about two o’clock, your swing will be about right for a pitch.

Up, Up and Away!

Remember that a pitch should be hit with a lot of loft; it should fly high in the air. That way, when the ball lands on the green it won’t roll too far. A pitch should fly much farther than it rolls. Practice on a driving range or at a public golf course. Your pitch will become one of your most valuable golf shots.

See You Next Month!

Divot will be back in our next issue to show us another golf shot. Keep practicing!

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